WAMA promoting Girl Child Education

wama 1
The objective of the program is to promote girls’ education at all level due to the fact that majority of girls have no access to education and are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other sexual infections. The program vision is to see the environment where there will be gender responses towards education among teachers and community.

The program has planned to do the following activities to achieve its objective:

• Building Girls Secondary Schools

• Provision of scholarship and support to needy girls

• Provision of boarding facilities in schools where students have to travel long distances.

• Provision of safe water in schools.

• Gender sensitization of parents, community members, teachers and students, both boys and girls, and school management.

• Establishment of girls’ clubs in schools.

• Empowerment of girls into skills for self-confidence, assertiveness, speaking out, decision making and negotiations.

• Training in reproductive health with attention on sexuality and protection against HIV/AIDS.

• Promote the participation of girls in Science, Mathematics and technology subject such as science camps as well as support to science and computer laboratories and equipment.

• Raise gender awareness for teachers so that they actively support girls to perform well and stay in school.

• Create a gender responsive atmosphere among the girls and the school community as a whole.

• Support and conduct sensitization activities by involving and policy makers at all levels, parents, school authorities, community leaders, and girls themselves;

• Collaborate with the Government and other stakeholders in reviewing existing teaching materials to enhance gender mainstreaming in education sector;

• Promote female teachers training to serve as role models, and to assist in the mentoring of out-of-school girls.

The program has developed and maintains a working relationship with the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in enlisting and maintaining their support to girl’s education at all levels

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